More WordPress functionality
with just one plugin

We created DEVotion PRO to achieve two main goals. Firstly, to reduce the amount of plugins we needed on our website projects and secondly to save us precious time on small tasks that usually end up taking more time than expected. We created this for us, and it saved us so much time that we now offer it to you too.

DEVotion PRO v1.1 Features

We are constantly striving to improve DEVotion PRO and offer the most useful tools and features we can to make your life easier. Here is a list of the features that are available in our latest release. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Quick options to enhance and tweak your website

  • Tweak over 25 key settings on your website
  • Enable features such as SVG support and post duplication
  • Setup your 404 page from an existing page in seconds
  • Clean up your database and/or bulk delete posts
  • Activate add-ons such as AOS and Owl Carousel to use in your theme

Login Page Editor

Style your WordPress login page in seconds

  • Create a custom login page design in seconds
  • Live preview your design changes before you update
  • Reset the style back to the default with one click
  • Put the fun back into login page design
  • Save yourself time and money

Find & Replace

Easily replace words and phrases in your database

  • Replace contant accross your website in seconds
  • Filter your replacement by Post Type
  • Individually target Post Titles, Descriptions or Custom Post Types
  • Save yourself time and money

String Translator

Change the text outputted by WordPress, WooCommerce & other plugins

  • Easily replace output from third party plugins
  • Change strings generated by WordPress Core
  • Save yourself time and money

Image Sizes

Create and manage your custom image sizes

  • Simple controls to manage your image sizes
  • Easily create sizes that fit your designs
  • Regenerate your new images with one click
  • Save yourself time and money

Custom Post Types

Create and manage your custom Post Types

  • Setup new Custom Post Types in seconds
  • Using Multisite? Network enable a post type to use on all sites!
  • Easy admin interface to make CPT management easy
  • Save yourself time and money

Custom Taxonomies

Create and manage your custom Taxonomies

  • Setup new Custom Taxonomies in seconds
  • Using Multisite? Network enable a taxonomy to use on all sites!
  • Easy admin interface to make taxonomy management easy
  • Save yourself time and money


Quickly add your Google Analytics, GTM and custom tracking

  • Knowing how your audience interacts with your website is essential for your success
  • Easily integrate and your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager
  • Integrate any additional tracking scripts with ease
  • Save yourself time and money

If DEVotion PRO only saves you a couple of hours, it pays for itself.

We think it will save you so much more…

Replace 12+ plugins with just one plugin

Save yourself time

Help save the planet

14 day free trial

Use on unlimited websites (Ultimate membership only)

WordPress helpful tools and utilities that save you time and money

How many times have you been asked to make seemingly small updates to your WordPress sites that have often taken longer than you budgeted for? For example, manually styling the login page, creating new image sizes or changing a word on every page. These are all things we have battled with in the past, and we can bet that you have too. DEVotion PRO was built to take on some of these tasks so that you can save your precious time.

Do more with less

Sometimes you go into the plugins page of a WordPress website and recoil at how many have been installed. There could be as many as 20+ on an e-commerce website. Many are free, which is great – however, that is a lot to keep track of in terms of updates and security and a lot of potential project bloat. DEVotion PRO does the work of at least 12+ seperate plugins, and we are planning much much more.

Saving you precious time

To make DEVotion PRO worth the money, it has to do something special. We think that your time is the most precious asset that you have and if DEVotion PRO saves you even a few hours a year (and we believe it will) then it’s well worth the price. As an example, we created a login page style in 10 seconds using the login page editor, the same design took a developer 15 minutes to manually create.

Giving something back

If the promise of plugin reduction and time saving wasn’t enough, we are also trying to help and heal our planet! For every paid subscription, we will be planting more trees via Ecologi. For yearly subscriptions, we will plant trees on your behalf when you purchase and every year when you renew. For monthly subscriptions we will do the same but every month. See our price plans to see how many trees we plant for each plan.

DEVotion PRO License Options

We offer a number of different price options at either a yearly or monthly rate that scale with you as your business grows. The amount of trees that we plant for each plan is listed under each option – the more you buy the more we plant. Choose the license that best fits your needs:


£40 per year

  • Unlimited updates
  • Up to 2 Websites
  • 14 days FREE trial
  • Standard Support
  • Plant 25 trees a year 🌳


£73 per year

  • Unlimited updates
  • Up to 6 Websites
  • 14 days FREE trial
  • Standard Support
  • Plant 50 trees a year 🌳


£106 per year

  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 14 days FREE trial
  • Priority Support
  • Plant 100 trees a year 🌳

We plant trees for every subscription to DEVotion PRO

We believe that we should all be trying to do more to help our planet. As such, we decided that for every paid subscription to DEVotion PRO, we would plant trees with Ecologi. From when you initially register and everytime you renew, we will plant trees and together we will make a difference.

100 Trees Planted

2t Carbon Offset

“I was sceptical at first because I could have achieved most of what DEVotion PRO offered through some free plugins. I was initially won over by the Login Page Editor and realised that I had actually managed to reduce the amount of plugins I was using by about 75%. It paid for itself in a day with the time I saved”

Dan King - Freelance Developer

Have a question, need help or have a feature request? Let us know

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